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fortifications: Corregidor Island

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Been a while since I badposted~


Since the WG vidya team felt like the naval fortification of Corregidor wasn't a nice thing because it wasn't as remarkable despite it seeing hell twice over, I'll tl;dr my bit in this. I know it aint ships but its still a fortification that had its guns roar in anger against enemies.




Why am I talking about this unassuming landmass? Well~



Think that position and the island being armed with guns. LOTS OF GUNS. LOTS OF ANTI SHIP GUNS.


Sure it aint as toughened as Fort Drum which some skubs here know is part of the Bastion Mode fortifications in that map with three zones to capture with the fort sitting in the middle archipelago, but Corregidor, known then as Fort Mills, was a separate kind of tough. The island's natural topography was quite defensible enough and large guns were sited where they had good unobstructed view of the horizon so it could help in calculating azimuth and it was helping that it aint easy storming the island since the entire surface is lined with tunnels, choke points a bucketload of dakka everywhere ranging from Maxim HMG's (because M1919's were late lol), 3 inch AA guns to the later added Oerlikons for both horizontal and air fire to screw landing troops over as well as a sizable troop to man the guns and defend the entire island installation. The whole "Gibraltar of the East" is quite a fitting thing seeing that the island was armed to the teeth.



One does not simply convert an island into a heavy dakka installation riddled with tunnels and railworks.


Well to be fair, Corregidor was part of the Subic Defenses which were, in themselves, quite formidable against anti-ship and the island has a LOT of shore guns and an ample amount of APCBC to screw any ship over but they lacked High Capacity HE because they weren't that expected to bombard shit with thinner armor or sector artillery. The biggest and longest firing guns they got were at Smith and Hearn, each of em packing a single 12 inch gun that was sited low with an effective range of 26km as well as a flatter trajectory, with the rest carrying 10 inch guns as well as some inland batteries of 12 inch Coastal Mortars to lolpen ship decks if any enemy ship decides to artillery duel with the guns. It wasn't easy though since the guns themselves were made to be anti-surface trolls because glorious disappearing carriage.


There are some rather interesting pieces left there because they froze (note: an artillery piece "freezing" means its useless even if you did prime it because the barrel may have a chance to derp and the whole thing blows up. This is what happened to the Hearn during the first battle for the lumpy island)



Here's the 12 inch gun pre-war...



Battery Hearn getting totaled from bombs. Oh and this is also including the pockmarks that the gun site 2 years ago right when it was silenced from Japanese bombs and artillery. Gun is already frozen here.




This here is one of the 10 inch gun pairs at the Battery Grubbs pit. if you're wondering why the barrel's out of the cradle, its because in order to not let the invading Japanese help themselves to silenced dakka , they made sure it aint gonna fire again by removing the locking lug, having it fire and then throw the breech locks away.



This is how said disappearing carriage works



These stubby things here are the 12 inch coastal mortars at the Battery Way pit. Each battery contains about two guns for large bore ones and four guns for mortars. Glorious high trajectory to lolpen decks


Speaking of those Coastal Mortars... there was only one mag det the island suffered that took out an entire battery and killing about six people... and it was Battery Geary which the whole island felt exploding due to a shell penetrating the magazine.



When it happened, it happened, and it was the only catastrophic loss of the whole island. The guns were fairly intact on some batteries because the gunners were driven off but Geary lost all its guns from that 240mm howitzer hit...



And here's Geary now. Remember those big ass 12 inch mortars were heavy as balls... and they were removed from their emplacements so that gives you a scary idea how big and terrible the mag det was. Oh and one of those mortars still has a fuzed round inside em if you peer inside the barrel.



... and THIS is where the heart of Corregidor was and where it became the last bastion when Corregidor was overrun: Malinta Tunnel. This tunnel network has an insane network that has a field hospital, entertainment room, armory, barracks to house the defenders in an emergency, and it was bombproof because lolmountain. Right now its a museum though McArthur used it as his temporary HQ before being ghosted to Australia and Wainright IV used it as his HQ during the enduring hours of Corregidor until the last bullet was fired before the surrender.


While the questions of all "y u no provide sector arty in Bataan" goes on, it should be reminded that as dakka loaded Corregidor is, it didnt mean it had range OR the shells to suffice because its magazines had more AP than the badly needed HE although some magnificent bastard managed to tweak the fuzes to have the AP detonate as low density HE in order to  fight back later... and then the hurting came. IJAF bomber command dropped a shitload of bombs in the island and IJA artillery were playing a rousing game of counter-battery it became hell for the defenders fighting hard because food was starting to be alarmingly low AND they couldnt fight back the artillery barrages from hidden Japanese batteries that would relocate often which really limited counter-fire because not only could they not send spotters in the mainland, the relocation was taxing to try and triangulate. You gotta hand it to the defenders and the island itself for not backing an inch despite having their backs to the wall because it took a heavy assault to capture the island apart from silencing the batteries that were still operational because it gave the combined Japanese commander in charge of the Philippines campaign a really shameful display because it took so long to break the backs of the Corregidor defenders.


Not in the case during '45 where the US shattered the Japanese forces camping in the islands and it became a museum honoring the defenders and the many who died.


derp.exe -reboot has now crashed.

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Curious when they gonna make this as 2 part video of Naval Fortress series. :coin:


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Dude, would love to have a map with this there.  Will have to think about some modes that would work with the guns firing at people.  Make island hugging scary or really safe. 


Love the info dump.  Thanks for that.  

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