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Game freezes

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1. Description
Game freezes in the middle of the match

2. Reproduction steps

  1. Enter the battle
  2. Aim at the enemy
  3. Game suddenly freezes

3. Result
I can, somehow, talk in the Team and All chat, meaning that I am still registered as online and active in the battle. I also still can shoot and use the ship consumables. Yet the game itself is freezing. I also can't move camera either.

4. Expected result
The game is normally working


5. Technical details

Here is the screenshot of the battle, also I have the replay of the battle.

zRJOET0.jpg oseXbGZ.jpg


From that two screenshots, the battle is still going on as shown by the addition of some ribbons and some ships sunk.


On that battle, I exited early to check if the game is only freezes on that certain battle or not. Turns out, I can't see the ship model in my port and can't see the water animations (sry no screenshot this time).


According to the replay, you can see I'm actually moving normally, yet my guns are locked to certain direction and I can't aim anything.





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dont forget to post python.log too

and replay file if available. 

more information is bettter for dev to trace what's going wrong.

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