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So, according to "math classes" by Sub octavian  in latest podcast 

linked here : https://thewarshipspodcast.simplecast.fm/episodes/68121-episode-36-warships-math-with-sub-octavian


The widely belived, Sigma Value = Vertical Dispersion were WRONG

Sigma Value were multiplier of how high the chance for a  shell to fall closer to Center. and/or less chance to deviate from the point of aim

smaller Sigma Value should mean they are more spread, deviate more from the center

in short words, Sigma is Shoot Groupping.


and used in conjungtion with Vertical Dispersion and Horizontal Dispersion to calculate the overall accuracy of a ships


It also revealed that

Each Nation Line, have Diffrent Vertical Dispersion.

For example, IJN battleship have Tight Horizontal Diseprsion but Large Vertical Dispersion (larger than other line ? - did Germans BB is highest ?)


The Dispersion number on Port is only Horizontal Dispersion, the vertical one is apparantly is still not revealed 

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