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CoTE Suggestions

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This is a small suggestions

The essence of CoTE is very good. But the way the player's coordination is really bad. I know it's too late to fix it. But next time you should  calculate points by formula:

--> Real (Team) points * (Bonus points) = Team  points

Bonus points: "Multiplier difference between two teams" (sorry, I can't express it correctly), bonus points only for team with fewer player


Team A have 400 player, Real (Team) points = 400

Team B have 200 player, Real (Team) points = 200

Multiplier difference between two teams = Number of players team A / Number of players team B = 400/200 = 2

So we will have: 

Team A points: 400

Team B points: 200 * 2 = 400



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I just wish the points reflected on the site somewhere, when I visit the CoTE page for the results they are ALWAYS wrong.

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