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Secondary Guns Dispersion Table

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Recently I stumbled upon some very interesting information about how dispersion is calculated for all the various guns in our game. Note that this applies to "Max Dispersion" and may not hold true for shorter engagement ranges. Battleships, for example, definitely have an extra dispersion buff at short range (though I cannot remember what that range is, I think it's around 5km or 7km).


However, for secondaries I'm going to assume (ie. this could all be very wrong) that it does hold true for lesser ranges. From the above link, the formula for secondary gun dispersion is:


Maximum Dispersion = 30 m + 57 m × Range (in km)


Note: The dispersion modifiers (modules, camo, etc) are applied after the maximum dispersion is calculated.


We can quickly see just how bad the base dispersion gets before skills and modules are applied. The secondaries of a Battleship firing at 7 km will have a horizontal dispersion area of 429 m, if no accuracy enhancements are applied. For comparison, a Grosser Kurfurst trying to snipe at 20 km with her main guns has a dispersion of 262 m.


Now it's simple enough to calculate dispersion yourself, but it doesn't actually hold much relevance in game terms. What we really need to know is the effective range of our secondary guns. To do that, we need to work backwards from the above formula. Starting off with a specific dispersion goal and listing the range required under various configurations to achieve that accuracy. I'll start off at 200 m, which is still pretty wild but what I consider the upper limit of useful accuracy.


All the following figures assume a Mike Yankee Soxisix flag (-5% dispersion) is flying on the ship.



Target Dispersion: 200 metres


           Without relevant modules or skills, only the flag (-5%): 3.2 km

                                 With Aiming Systems Mod 1 (-5%, -5%): 3.4 km

                           With Secondary Battery Mod 2 (-20%, -5%): 4.1 km

With Manual Secondaries <T7 and SBM2 (-20%, -15%, -5%): 4.9 km


Up to Tier 6, the short range of secondary batteries doesn't seem like much of a restriction anymore. They're simply not very useful past 5 km even when fully specced for secondaries. Any extra range would be of little benefit, other than psychological (being fired upon may scare off an approaching Destroyer, for example). For these ships, Advanced Firing Training becomes a bit less attractive and swapping it out for Manual Secondaries (-15%) might actually be better. I've neglected to list high-tier Manual Secondaries here because they don't really need to bother with 200 m dispersion ranges.



Target Dispersion: 150 metres


           Without relevant modules or skills, only the flag (-5%): 2.2 km

                                 With Aiming Systems Mod 1 (-5%, -5%): 2.4 km

                           With Secondary Battery Mod 2 (-20%, -5%): 2.9 km

With Manual Secondaries <T7 and SBM2 (-20%, -15%, -5%): 3.5 km


                            With Manual Secondaries T7+ (-60%, -5%): 6.4 km

  With Manual Secondaries T7+ and ASM1 (-60%, -5%, -5%): 6.8 km

With Manual Secondaries T7+ and SBM2 (-60%, -20%, -5%): 8.1 km


This level of accuracy only happens at point-blank range for ships without the Tier 7+ Manual Secondaries skill. I won't even bother listing them in the next category.



Target Dispersion: 100 metres


                            With Manual Secondaries T7+ (-60%, -5%): 4.1 km

  With Manual Secondaries T7+ and ASM1 (-60%, -5%, -5%): 4.3 km

With Manual Secondaries T7+ and SBM2 (-60%, -20%, -5%): 5.2 km


The precision here is roughly equivalent to that of a Cruiser firing at a range of about 10 km. For big targets, you can expect most of your shots to connect, and even Destroyers will still take plenty of hits. A fully-specced, brawling Bismarck doesn't need to bother getting any closer than 5 km, if that. This can be important, because your opponent may not have Manual Secondaries trained and by getting closer you're greatly increasing the accuracy of their secondary guns.



Hopefully this will help you determine the best way to configure your brawling Battleships and the ideal range to fight from.



Edit: Oops, it's not really a "Table" like I put in the thread title. Is this thread now just click-bait?

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