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Would you make a option that allow players to choose the old BGM mode?

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Hey guys I know you are busy doing various jobs to make this game better,

uh, but could you please pay attention to this issue?


I really like the in-game background music of this game ,

however in version6.1.0 you made a change of the way  playing the BGM , 

honestly speaking , i think it's kind of a disaster, at least , to me.


For example I'm playing the battleship yamato in a game and I find some enemies detected in a range of about 18km 

and I start to shoot them and they also return fire to my teammates, however the BGM in this section is still not change,it's still CALM ,which really makes me feel frustrated about the game experience, it's not cool at all.

Only when the enemies in range drop the shells on my ship will the music change into an exciting one,

and coincidentally it switches to one of my favorite BGM ,however once they stop shooting me, that goes back to the shit calm one,

when they shoot you again, it will switch to another but not the previous one,

I even have no chance to enjoy the music till its finish, that's a shame.


There are also some bugs in the new music score, when a game is finished , the music may continue playing even you go back to the harbor,

and sometimes you are playing a brand new game , that music of the last game will suddenly appear.


In a word, I'm really get sick of this new music score and I strongly urge that the old bgm-play mode should come back.

I think I am not the only one who feel like this ,

I know BGM is not the most vital thing , but for some players like me , it really make sense.


hope that you can pay attention to this issue.


at last wish the game better and better :)

thank you.


By the way I will be grateful if someone can help me post this to Wargaming official , cuz I have no idea how to contact with them. Thanks!

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I also want to get back to the old version of BGM.

I do not know if it is an influence of the new version packaged, but I do not like that effects like echo are applied to the sound of MainGun.

I'd like to be able to choose the old version as well as the SE sound of MainGun and so on.

(Personally I like sounds around version 0.5.0)

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