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ASIA Q&A, round 1

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Hello everyone!

My name is Phil, nickname Sub_Octavian, and I am starting official Q&A session for ASIA:izmena:


Short introduction: I am Game Analytics Team Lead in WG Saint-Petersburg, responsible for many interesting activities, including developers-players communication on gameplay topics.


This is my first time here on ASIA forum, so I can say it is very nice to meet you and finally catch up - I am already doing it on RU, NA, EU. World of Warships team values your input and participation, so let's make best of it!


Right now it is hard to say what form of communication is best for ASIA - and you never know unless you try. So we start with this simple forum thread - ask any game-related questions, I will answer as much as I can (no leaks on unreleased ships however!), and then we'll see. Sorry for English only, but I hope that won't be a big problem.


Action stations!






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Hi, Sub! Glad to have you on board! I got a couple CV-related questions for you.


1. How has the fighter ammo buff from patch 0.6.0 affected the performance and success rates of fighters against targets of all kinds (clicking, strafing, spotting, etc) and air superiority loadouts? It has been 4 patches already, surely there should be data available on whether the buff has achieved its intended purpose ("buffing USN CVs, especially the less skillful part of playerbase"). If possible, can you disclose how each server (ASIA, EU, NA, RU) is affected by this buff?


2. How has the "exit strafe" addition affected the game? Personally, the Saipan has become extremely (read: overly) powerful in contesting the air, perhaps a nerf of some sort should be introduced? Maybe consuming more ammo per exit strafe (say, 1.5x-2x the normal strafe ammo cost) JUST for the Saipan so it cannot just spam strafes left and right? I know that for other CVs, you can also pull off some really excellent strafes, but at a higher cost.

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Hi Sub. 

Q : Did WG consider on lowering the bloom time for DDs? Currently its like 20secs iirc. This is same with the BBs and CAs. Sometimes after engaging DD in a knife fight. Due to good range of guns means it will get detected at max range. And in 20secs. Chance of detonating or getting devastate is 50-50. So i was wondering when removing the invisifire. Did the dev came across this matter?

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Hey Sub, welcome to the forums.


Anyways, Wargaming mentioned they were having Player retention issues a while back for Warships, and these days you hear a lot of complaining about various issues from people, from matchmaking, to balancing and certain ship lines or general game enjoyment.

Is War gaming actively working on looking into this issue?

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Glad to have dev's attention in here. I have several questions:


  • Will Akizuki be given Defensive Fire AA in the near future? Since on paper, she was designed as an AA Destroyer escort, and rightfully deserves it.
  • Will IJN DD ever get back its old HE alpha? This is because dev buffed the RU HE on DD from 1600 back to its 1900 original alpha.
  • Will there be any future similar events (currently, the clash of elements), but with another premium ship as the ultimate reward? Do you like the event on its current state?

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I've got a question regarding something a bit obscure (probably even for you). It's mostly to satisfy my curiousity about the game mechanics (I hate not knowing how stuff works).


Please bear with me as I quote something from a thread I started several months ago:




Here we have the Smith, equipped with 3x1 Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod. 0 torpedoes. For many reasons, it is my favourite DD, one of which is that I can use it to test torpedoes by launching them one by one instead of sending multiple torpedoes in one salvo. It makes conducting SCIENCE!!!!! easier.


Looking at the stats of its torpedo armament we see that the maximum damage it can deal per torpedo is 6033. However, it is not telling the whole story.


I will elaborate on this later, but for now lets just take it at face value and assume that when it hits the midsection of a South Carolina (Hull B) its Torpedo Protection, rated at 19% damage reduction, will bring the damage down to ~4887.



4445 damage. 442 HP difference. Close, but no cigar. That's more like ~26% reduction. If I shoot at at the same spot multiple times I will still inflict 4445 damage per hit until the ship sinks, So what gives?


Datamining to the rescue! Torpedoes actually have two hidden stats, alpha damage and base damage. For the Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod. 0 in particular, its alpha damage is 16300 and its base damage is 600. But how does this translate to the 6033 figure we see in-game? Well the formula is as follows (thanks to IKU19): alpha damage/3 + base damage

Why this convoluted way of displaying torpedo damage in-game? I can only speculate, but it's not really important right now.


In any case, the alpha damage is the "true" maximum damage of the torpedo... (post continues with some complicated explanation on how we get 4445 damage from 16300)




So my question is the bolded part in purple, i.e. why is the torpedo damage listed in port not the same as the torp's "alpha damage" value? Or why not use "alpha damage/3" and leave out "base damage"? Is there any purpose to the "base damage" other than for the calculation of the damage value we see in port?


Sorry for using a screenshot from GM3D, but this would help in referencing to what I'm talking about:



Thanks for reading my question, and I hope it's something that is within your capacity to answer.


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Hello Sub_Octavian.

Recently, in WoT, they've introduced an improvement to the matchmaker.


They are:





This would definitely improve the gameplay of lower tier ships (because being the only tier 8 in a tier 10 game is very sad)


Could we see this in future WoWS MM?

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Hi Sub_Octavian


Im just wondering why german destroyers are easily penetrated by battleship guns 38 cm and up+ even if my sides are exposed, one shell managed to land for 7k dmg or feels like they eat more damage than usual


thanks~ :B



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this is about KM DDs, they are suffer by BBs AP too much, unlike others DDs. Any change for KM DDs?


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Hello too..


I got question regarding Anti Aircraft special effect, are there any Plan for it to be "enhanched" to be more visually appealing (especialy with future planned changes into Carrier play)

Even with Maximum Graphic setting, the visual were only borderline (*ehem) passable.

It looks good only when DFAA were active


which quite the shame since, not all ships have DFAA. even Battleship with hunderds AA gun dont look desperate enough avoiding Bombers Attack - it look like half assed effort to shoot aircraft down


I read, it because WoW focused on Ships to Ships battle.

But Aircraft has been Integral part of Naval war, especialy in Last stages of the war.

and Personaly, that kind of thinking is the one that makes CV gameplay - and implementation of Aircraft were particularly underdeveloped


the Whole AAA system which bassed on Aura

is quite ridiculus too in my oppinion, since it bassed a lot on RNG

will we expect, improvement in future ? like Dual Purpose gun able to fire at aircraft - even if its just visual cosmetic 

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Greetings Sub_Octavian,


Good to see you have expanded your QnA and hopefully answers will be provided (unlike the last ASIA QnA).


My question is how many of your developers actively play the game and on average, the time that those developers play the game?


I ask because I have seen your answers on how you believe the game balance is somewhat balanced yet since OBT, there has not been many good balance changes in my opinion and seemingly, many other players who have recently starting expressing their concerns on balance.

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Hey Sub_Octavian, i would like to ask about the logic behind the RuDD HE buff to improve their damage done to other nations DDs (when they damage done to other classes was perfectly fine) and then later on you nerf the rudder shift of the Khab because it was far too strong against DDs at close range?

Why not just roll back the HE buff? 


The Khab is considered one of the more broken ships in game, and to nerf if you didn't touch any of its real strengths......

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Will you consider implementing separate Random Battles; Solo Queue a.k.a Random Battles without divisions and Div Queue a.k.a. Random Battles with divisions only?


1) Newcomers will not face sealclubbing divisions so they will find their gameplay more comfortable.

2) Players in division will likely find their gameplay more exciting, strategic and tactical because these players tend to be more cooperative and coordinated. So, essentially a Team Battle but a 12v12 variant of it.

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Hello Sub_Octavian


First I would like to welcome your presence on the Asia Server.


As an avid German Cruiser player, I've been monitoring the performance of these ships, which the WG devs has recognized that they're "experiencing problems" .The 0.6.4 patch saw a welcoming changes to the bow and stern armour of the Cruisers Hipper, Eugen, Roon and Hindenburg, which strengthened their protection against 380/381 mm AP shells and non-IFHE 155 HEs. However, as players have lamented in forum posts[1] and polls [2] , most of the players found that the protection least of these ships' concern and that the buffs has limited improvement. A good number of them has voted to have buffs regarding the performance of their shells, or alternatively, the utility of the ships. Hence my question(s):


1. Are there plans from the devs to enhance other perimeters, say the penetration of the AP shells and the bounce angle/normalization, or the general utility of the German cruisers, considering that the line heavily relies on AP? 2. Or at the very least, are there plans to further adjust the parameter of German cruisers, particularly but not limiting to high tier ones?



Third question, if you would indulge me: 

This being a boat game, I found it very underwhelming that we can only view the ships from a distance and from a inward perspective, which create the impression that the ships are rather small. Although it's possible the to mod the game client such that the camera can be moved on board the ship and solve (part of ) the problem, it would be logical of WoWs to include camera angle so the player can immerse better in the huge size of the ships, and ultimately, the naval setting. Which led me to the third question:

3. if it's possible of the devs to add more camera angles and allow the player to zoom close, such that a player could virtually "stand", "walk" in the port interface


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Hello Sub_Octavian. Do the developers have plans for a future patch to implement some method of teaching new and unexperienced players how to play aircraft carriers? Currently, the lack of information provided by the game is acting as a barrier against players wishing to progress through the aircraft carrier lines.


Currently, the game does not adequately teach the player how to play CVs in any way, be it an interactive playable tutorial or even readable text. New players have no idea how to use fighter strafing or manual drops, and they might even not know that these features even exist. As a result, we end up with two outcomes:


  1. Players continue to be completely oblivious to the game mechanics of CVs, and become immensely frustrated at the game. Then, they either complain that the game needs rebalancing, or they simply stop playing CVs altogether in a quit of rage.
  2. A smaller proportion of players go to the WoWS forums, or view videos on Youtube, and read/watch third-party tutorials created by the community that teach them the game mechanics of playing aircraft carriers.


Why is it that in order for players to learn how to play aircraft carriers, they need to go out of their way to search for this information online? Why is this learning process not part of the game itself? Ultimately, this is hurting CV player retention, and it is also causing questionable balance changes, such as the removal of manual attacks from tier 4 and 5 CVs. This causes even more problems, as now new players are unable to learn how to use fighter strafing and manual drops in lower tiers, and are suddenly overwhelmed with difficulty once they reach tier 6 where CV gameplay is significantly more difficult as it requires more micro work from the player to deal with more squadrons and stronger ship AA. This makes it seem that the removal of alt-attacks from tiers 4 and 5 is nothing more than a band-aid solution that does not fix the problem at the core.


As for the issue of lower tier surface ships being sealclubbed by proficient CV players, the same issue applies. Why doesn't the game teach players how to overlap AA, to not separate themselves from the team, and to click on aircraft for an AA DPM bonus? Why are so many aspects of the game missing from any kind of tutorial aimed at teaching beginners?



One last unrelated thing: Any future plans for server roaming? For example, ASIA players playing on NA server? I recall that back in 2013, server roaming for World of Tanks was being tested by RU supertesters, however the feature was ultimately cancelled. I am certain that many WoWS players would be interested in such a feature, even if it was a paid feature that you spent real money for.

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Greetings Sub_Octavian

I would like to ask questions about clan-related stuff and community event related stuff

1.The clan system has been implemented in game for a while,however there wasnt ANY single event related to clans.

It feels like WG doesn't take clan features as a priority stuff.

As a player who is very concerned and interested about clan features,may I ask

-When will more clan related features being newly implemented in game?

-Also,any plans on clan wars?

2.The recent event---clash of elements was another community event after the Kamikaze R project

But,to my knowledge,players were dissatisfied with this event(Especially chinese circles)

Mainly because of the too high requirement to get Kamikaze and the recent incident*

(Players in China spotted the data of Water Team was still increasing,even the server is under maintenance)

This resulted in players reluctant in participating in the clash of elements event.

(Check the stat of 1st round and 2nd round.It can be seen that in 1st round the fire team have a superioity in terms of all,however the number greatly decreased in R2)

So,my questions is

-How do WG set up their standards(Goals to be accomplished) in this kind of community events?

-How do WG see their events in the server? How would WG see an event to be success?

3.Would WG support the community projects related to Clan stuff,that was initiated by players?






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Hello Sub_Octavian, welcome to best Asia server~!!


1. It's been like 5 month since German DD line released, I don't see much player playing this line on certain tier as you only encounter them 1 out of 10 matches (??). In other words, German DD line is least played among the 4 nations. Is there something Analyst Team would suggest to encourage players to play them?

2. Is CV rework still due to release this year? (As according to Dev Diary 2017 roadmap)

3. CV Saipan: Any possible move for change (excluding the cosmetic part) on this ship?

4. Related to above. If there will be such change to any of premium ship (e.g. performance, armor, etc.), is the management willing to follow the "WoT move" for full refund the premium? (Players opted for full refund of their SuperPershing)


5. We have seen a lot of contents coming in for the game but I want to know the technical aspect of the game: Fair Gameplay Security. You guess it.... Cheat mods. How can the development team assure the gaming community on having fair play? On random battles, team battle, or future clan war & competition-based game mode. You can send the private message for the answer if very confidential.


Best regards,




Any plan to expand radio commands?

I already suggested for the F3 (Designate target) radio command when pointing at objects that are dangerous to their teammate.

To alleviate the language barrier challenge when reporting danger to the team.

Link to proposal/suggestion: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/24245-as-teammate-i-can-call-outreport-incoming-danger-to-my-team/

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1.i want to ask about the number of bb players,now its too many ,i often play each side have5-6 bbs ,so  i want to know you  how to deal with, 2.and the  main gun accuracy of ships  seem have bug especially bb so when you can fix it 3.i hear some mews about British bbs it said they will carry 457mm gu n and in6.6 join the game its real?

that's all thx to answer my question

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Alpha Tester
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Hello, Phil

I've seen your great action at facebook, Reddit and others and I do appreciate to have opportunity to ask at here in Asian forum.


Here is the question that I would like to know.

1) How is the progress of the soviet cold war themed destroyers (Smelyi, Neustrashimyy and Project56)?


2) Do we have the chance to see official wiki of WoWS other than English or Russian? it is hard to share the knowledge and its gimmick to the others when we discuss.

    (currently, we are not even able to access to its top page by our own language)

FYI : http://wiki.wargaming.net/ja/Main_Page

3) Can we hear the 1st feed back of the French cruiser and the any plans tweak them (if necessary)?
4) People in our community concern the latest cheat tool and worry how it would ruin the fair play policy of WoWS. Can we hear how your team finds and plans to prevent?



That is all for now.

Once again, Thank you very much for your great activities and bringing us the clear information.

we always found yours the great hope.



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Hello! Sub_Octavian.I have a question.


Q1  When will Citadel of Iowa and Montana change?


Q2  Is there a possibility that USS Battleship will be equipped with 'Defensive AA fire'?


Q3  Montana's  secondary gun range is shorter than other Tier10 battleships.

  What is the reason why the range of excellent guns with ranges over 20 km has been shortened?

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