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Newbie CV guidance needed. Thank you

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Hey guys,


I am new in CV currently playing a Hosho, from what I know manual torp had been removed from tier 4 and 5.
And if im right strafing has been removed in the previous patch as well.

But when I was playing my Hosho, the enemy's Hosho has the ability to wipe out all my planes. 
The enemy manage to shoot down 20 of my planes when I am only able to shoot down 5 of his.

Can anyone please kindly tell me what I am doing wrong.


Thank you in advance

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1. Do not lock up with enemy fighters over enemy ships, lure them to over your friendly ships (which is not a DD of course).

2. Notice the number of planes in enemy fighter squad. If he has 1 more than you, you know what to do.

3. It also depends on upgrade mods, captain skills, signal flags etc. Just because enemy is also a Hosho, doesn't mean you will get similar performance in air to air combat.

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