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Arpeggio of blue steel manga - location of admiralty code

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I think I found the admiralty code's location


It is here:




why is it here:


a) in europe


b) in UK which has just surrendered


c)All ships are named after ships whilst I-401 is named "Iona" instead


d) possibly gunzou's father named I-401 "iona" after realising this and made a deal with fog, faked his defection in order to find admiralty code and negotiate end of the war hence why musashi had human crew aboard and not just gunzou's father himself, he probably sent I-401 back to port to meet his son who he would try to convince to join him after trailing whether gunzou was good enough to join the fog or not, iona is instructed not to tell Gunzou anything hence she came up with the excuse of "That's the only order that exist in my memory" which is to avoid Gunzou from insisting on knowing why iona came looking for him as you can see "I forgot" isn't a very convincing excuse from a computer


e) Facility 4 may contain information about this location and I-401, in a jumble of data they received it as iona being I-401's name plus there's that girl who met the admiralty code so she could have left her diary or something that may mention that she defected or something which explains her lack of prejudice against humans. Everyone thins she is a mental model but as the old saying goes "to fool your enemies you've got to fool your friends".


f)Iona is really close to denmark strait probably both HMS Hood and Bismarck met the admiralty code Bismarck sees reason in letting Gunzou's father find the admiralty code whilst HMS Hood believes it's a bad move due to suspecting Gunzou's father's reasons for finding the admiralty code hence HMS Hood gathering ships to defend the admiralty's secret, you have to remember the gap between each dreadnought is not massive one Yamato class is not necessary going to come out on top against two or three Admiral class


g) on the other hand HMS Hood could be somewhat more related to the Admiralty code because she is after all an "admiral class battlecruiser" -Admiralty code's personal escort hence she is fighting musashi under orders but uses the "scarlet fleet name dispute" to pull the wool over the eyes of fellow ships. Plus HMS Hood is British so she probably knows the admiralty code better than Bismarck whose presence near britain would have triggered some kind of response. After Bismarck was sunk Bismarck may have had to hide her existence from humans including staying hidden from sonar so HMS hood would have had a lot of time with admiralty code to talk about thing whilst bismarck doesn't know due to having to stay hidden from 1941 to the end of WW2 and by this stage admiralty code is gone hence why bismarck is last to have seen admiralty code while HMS hood pretends she doesn't know anything, Being the pride of the Royal Navy HMS Hood wouldn't be easily hacked hence why musashi needs to have some he "burdens" done by humans so that she can hack HMS Hood and get information


h) Admiralty code has light colour hair (blonde or white) and is short, Iona has lightly coloured hair and is short. Apollo landing sites are all in the pacific as is the scuttling place of I-401, Nano material may also have been found on the moon (both moon and nano material are silver after all)


So... opinions?


P.S can mods or admin add a question mark at the end of the title... pls?

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