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gun caliber, 130/152/155mm is the standar gun caliber for CLs, though the soviets have used 180mms for the kirov, anything with guns above 203mm are the heavy crusiers, and above that 305mm is usually where they draw the line with CA/BBs

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Mosvka has 220mm gun and is considered a pseudo bb, spee has 280mm gun and is considered pocket bb according to british nerds of that time , take your pick

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Stated in London Naval Treaty

Article 15


Article 15


For the purpose of this Part III the definition of the cruiser and destroyer categories shall be as follows:




Surface vessels of war, other than capital ships or aircraft carriers, the standard displacement of which exceeds 1,850 tons (1,880 metric tons), or with a gun above 5.1 inch (130 mm) calibre.


The cruiser category is divided into two sub-categories, as follows:


(a) Cruisers carrying a gun above 6.1 inch (155 mm) calibre;


(b) Cruisers carrying a gun not above 6.1 inch (155 mm) calibre.

This is the origin of light/heavy type. (a) cruisers are heavy and (b) type are light. While London Naval Treaty limited the maximum standard displacement of a cruiser to 10,000 tons, this was not strictly carried out. And with the expiration of London Naval Treaties (there was a second one) and WWII, many later cruisers exceed the 10,000 ton limit. But the distinction line of 155mm preserved. The five major navies all signed this treaty, and Germans (and Soviets IIRC) signed a pact with the Brits with similar terms.

So the difference is only the caliber of the guns.

≤155mm, light  >155mm, heavy  given that the ship's owner consider it a cruiser.


Edit: Kirov class were called light cruisers by the Russians. Despite this, they were considered heavy by major naval powers and took up the allocated heavy cruiser displacement in the pact between the Soviets and Brits, so they were effectively "heavy". Later pre-war Soviet cruiser projects had to use 152mm/6" guns instead.

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