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Soviet navy or the IJN?

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Whats the features of them?(Cruisers)wanna try one of them not just limit myself of playing German navy

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What ship class do you want to use? 

If you want to BBQ everything go Soviet lines.

  • Soviet DDs are very fast light cruisers without citadel (Their tier X can reach 45 knots), excellent guns but not suitable for cap because of bad detectability and maneuverability. Their torpedo range is merely 4 km from II to VII. 
  • Soviet CLs/CAs are firespammers with decent health pool and glass armor. Tier X has the fastest shells in game. Same 4 km torps except tier IX. 



  • IJN CVs has more squadrons in the air, more torpedo bomber squads and tight dive bombing circle. I think they are more flexible than USN. 
  • IJN BBs has excellent accuracy and reasonably fast. Tier X Yamato has the largest gun in the game and the best sigma. Be aware they can be citadel'ed. 
  • IJN cruisers access 203 mm gun begin from tier V. Generally they have more health than other cruisers line until tier VIII. Their torpedo range is 10 km and has good damage. Tier X has troll armor and is very annoying to BB captain (firespammer) 
  • IJN DDs... has the "best" torpedoes in game (I'm no IJN DD expert but I think they're a bit underpowered right now) , best concealment and somewhat usable guns (there are exceptions) . You may want to play other lines instead. 




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German cruisers :

general traits : 

Extremely good AP alpha damage with flat ballistic but very weak penetration and penetrating angles , very bad AP shell flight time at longer than 14-16 km ranges depend on tier. Punish broadside ships very hard. HE is BS without Demolition Expert. Great extended range Hydro.

Tier 1- 4 : some of the worst ship tiers for tiers. They are meh generally.

Tier 5-6 : no armor kiting ship with unique turret layout that allow guns to keep track of target no matter what . Torps are meh and you keep them till tier X. 

Tier 7: A Pensacola with turtle back armor , the only one in line that spamming HE will work consistantly. Still squishy to BB though.

tier 8-10: Gain very good long range DPS AA , they are not very maneuverable to brawl but get better turtle back armor scheme that can and will troll AP flinging BB at suicide range

VMF Russian bias :

General traits : the best ballistics for both HE and AP , both shells are equally strong tier for tier and can be swapped without much thoughts. They get normal penetration and good enough damage.Possess railgun like quality. They have crap 4km torps and meh AA though.

All have high sitting citadel location (= very easy to citadel , but may troll BB who aim at waterline) and trash rudder shift so dont expect to WASD to dodge shells like a god. Do not ever let anyone shoot at your broadside.

Tier 1-4 :not much here , the tier 3 is super fun though

tier 5&9 : 180mm gun that loads mostly AP to alpha citadel through anything you find , extremely deadly if you catch a broadside CA/CL.

Tier 6-8 : 152mm Light cruisers with good RoF and can fling both shells well at any range , brutal to dd at closer range and have no problem hitting them at 10 -13 km.

Tier X: very well armored head on , can sit bow on like most high tier BB to mitigate incoming damage from AP and low caliber HE. Armed with 220mm stalinium gun that can and will trash BB citadels from 10km inward and citadel CA/CL from any range. Best ballistic of large caliber CA guns. Usable HE and AP. But it have trash camo though ( = BB camo ) and tier 8 BB healthpool , dont expect to ambush anyone. Also no torps as back up.

From tier 8 onward , you may mount 12km sweep radar that is deadly to any dd near you  but the low duration force you to aim very carefully

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In all seriousness, when you play a Wargaming game, and don't know which line to go, just pick the Russian line. It will never fail you.

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