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Weird Ctrl & F-Key Issue

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Firstly, I have gone into the launcher & checked repair game integrity, all comes back as being ok but these issues persist, and I can’t find any reference to them on the web.


Ctrl key & mouse cursor:  Will allow me to select in-coming aircraft, consumables, mini map options etc. but it won’t allow me to select capture points or friendly ships to protect.


F3-Key Concentrate fire on the target/protect friendly: All the F-Keys work fine except this one, if I spam it like 4 or 5 times sometimes it reacts, other times it just refuses to work. I assigned it to another key, same issue persists.


Thought f-key issue might be due to some sort of lag, but I’m running the game at 60fps and 100ms over a 100/40mbps optic fibre connection.


These use to work just fine at one point, don't know why they no longer work.


Any help appreciated and thanks in advance 




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