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How should I do?

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What to do to deal with Bogue have 2 groups of fighters when I am Zuiho?Quite upset when the enemy Bogue taunted "LOL poor noob,you don't have aircrafts left"

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You cant do anything mate. When the Bogue is running AS which includes 2 Group of fighters with Air Supremacy Skill. I believe you can land your aircraft and let the team deal with it or try to sneak attack or outplay the bogue

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Use your fighter and dive bomber squadrons to scout ahead and see what loadout the Bogue is using.

If it's the AS loadout try to lure them around with these two squadrons while flanking around with the torpedo bombers.


If it's a good player he likely won't fall for it and keep one fighter squadron in the middle of the map in preparation to intercept your bombers while hunting your fighters with his other squad.

In this case try to use one of the TB squads to lure his fighters away, then strike with the remaining DB and TB squads.


This will likely only work once or twice before he'll zero in on your ship's location and try to lock you down by having his fighters stand guard near you.


There's a few counters to this though.

First of all use your fighters by continously launching and landing them to test his patience.

While doing so keep sailing towards one of his squadrons. (Preferably the one not in the direction of the enemy team)


Zuiho's AA isn't as effective as the AA on later tier, however it's enough to be a threat to aircrafts that linger inside it's AA bubble for too long.

As soon as this causes an opening in his net send out your bombers in all directions, if necessary lock his (Now hopefully badly damaged) fighter squadrons with yours and enjoy the additional damage.


Continue this by varying up your maneuvers, also keep in mind that tier V BBs have very good AA suits, even a Kongou will shoot down a few planes sooner or later.

Some of the cruisers, especially Omaha, also have good AA, however don't rely on either to be helpful all the time.


If it's a bad player he'll fall for the initial maneuver and 2/3rds of the map will be wide open for your TBs.

Rinse and repeat, if he ever adjusts to your tactic by keeping his fighters in a wider area go back to the above mentiond 4 squadron maneuver.


There's other tactics you can deploy, too.

For example sacrificing either fighter or DB squads can be a viable option,

however I highly suggest to only do this in critical situations.


AS CVs rely on shooting down aircrafts while dealing mediocre damage with their DBs.

Being unable to shoot down your planes puts the AS CV player under a lot of pressure

while being able to shoot down some of your planes will give them more confidence.

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Nothing you can do versus AS load out CV unless he is noob enough or being a bot. AS load out CV just ruined your day, just like mine. AS load out just make no sense for game play interaction.

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