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Tier IX French cruiser Saint-Louis

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I guess many people already got this ship in PT. For those who don't know, if you do a series of tasks in PT, you can have a try. Link: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/24196-try-out-the-st-louis-on-public-test-064-2/


Here's a review made by @little_seven

The review was originally in Chinese, I did a rough translation.

 Saint-Louis is the Tier IX French cruiser. I have got her in the PT event and tried a few games. The ship's protection is squishy, over-penetrating is rare when hitting her, the citadel is huge. Also, HP is meh, hull is rather large and turning radius is large. Making the ship bad at both tanking and evading shells.

The main battery is 3*3 203mm guns in AB-X layout. Range is 18.3km without range mod, reload time is 10 seconds without RoF mod. Ballistics and shell speed is average for T9 cruisers, can score some hits when HE spamming BB at max range. HE shells does bad at doing damage or setting fire. Alpha damage of HE shells is low. AP shells' alpha damage is good, but doesn't seem to own good penetration. The ship does damage mainly by HE spamming and fire at mid-long range, pretty meh at this. There's one triple torp tube per side, with a range of 9km. With such low amount and range isn't great, the torps are meh. AA Is moderately good. Concealment is 11.5km max, not good for a T9 cruiser. Base speed is 33kts, max speed is less than 38kts.

Overall, the damage dealing ability is meh, and with the protection issue, she will be rather bad if implemented as is.

So what do you guys think of her? I'd pick Baltimore.

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The ship itself looks meh. But I like this approach - better make them a little weak at release and then gradually buff, rather than make them OP from the start.

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