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Secondaries aiming too low again on pt 0.6.4

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Posted on the NA forums: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/122349-64-public-test-secondaries-broken-at-close-range/page__st__20__pid__2958936#entry2958936

Just transferring eVa's post on the other thread.


So i've been doing quite a few more testing rounds and discovered that this issue is only with certain ships.  Since the public test doesn't let you research t7s or lower without their typical cost unlike the t9-10 having a discount, i can't do any testing on lower tiered BB's or premiums on PT.   So far here is what i've got,


These ships have the secondary issue:  Amagi, Norcal, Bismarck, Montana.  All of these ships will miss 95% of secondaries at less then 3k unless ship is bow/aft on.

These ships have no issue with their secondaries and hit reliably at any range: Izumo, Yamato


The Iowa, F der Gross, and Kurfurst secondaries hit somewhat more often at closer ranges and hit a fair amount more than the terribly broken Amagi, Bismarck, Norcal, and Montana but not by much.  Given that all of the ships with the problems have a low freeboard I believe that this may have something to do with this new problem.  The Izumo and Yamato connect reliably regardless of range perhaps because their secondaries are so high out of the water.  Out of all of the ships with problems the Bismarck seems to be the worst which really struggles to hit at all. 

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