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Penetration Sound fx

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Hi, I've been noticing recently that the penetration sound FX is missing from my games, there used to be a sound that played when you scored good penetration hits and a voiceover with stuff like 'enemy severely damaged' or 'bullseye' but for some reason it's no longer in my game, I even redownloaded the client but it's still not present, has this sound fx been removed? or am I just missing a few sound files. My friend says his one is working fine and I have no idea what I'm missing.


Advice on this matter would be nice thanks.


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I think I'm gonna seconded this issue. I didn't hear crew VO when scored a heavy damage or citadel hit.

Confirmed also by my friends.


Think we should move this thread to bug report section, if any of the admins & mods can do it.

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