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New mobile payments provider HiPay may be scamming users

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Update 2017-04-10: After 2 hours in-store and more on the phone (with Optus support in part still refusing to believe this is possible, despite documented proof), this issue has been resolved.

Update 2017-04-09: After seeing more activity on my number tonight (after it was supposedly blocked) I contacted Optus again.

Long story short, it appears Optus allocated my number to another customer a day later.

Surprisingly neither of the two previous Optus support people picked up on this.

My SIM was "expired" sometime in the last couple of days (turning that phone on tonight gave me a "SIM registration error")

Optus Backend Support are now investigating how this could have happened since it is obviously a major problem, security and privacy-wise:

  1. A person requested and was given a new SIM for a number that was registered to me.
  2. I can see all call/message activity for that other person!

Wargaming Asia recently started using a new mobile payments provider called Allopass / HiPay. (The previous provider was Paypal and I never had any issues with it).

I used the service for the very first time last Thursday with a brand new prepaid SIM which has not and would be not used for anything else.

The second transaction I attempted failed to complete (but still charged me 1/2 the amount) so I contacted HiPay customer support and they gave me a "coupon" to the total amount of the failed transaction and I thought the matter closed.

However, since Friday, mysterious charges ($6.00 total) have been showing up against that mobile number. I just contacted Optus about it and they said there have been a number of "scammers" signing people up to "subscriptions" when they use these payment services. Optus has been processing a large number of refunds and blocking those services.

I have opened another ticket with HiPay and requested a "please explain".


If you have used this payment service, please check your mobile number usage very carefully and report any discrepancies.


I will update my ticket with Wargaming Asia Support with this new information.


Edit 1: corrected "Allopay" -> "Allopass"


Edit 2: According to another user on reddit, Allopass have been reported to the ACCC (Australian Consumer & Competition Commission) numerous times for "false billing": https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/types-of-scams/buying-or-selling/false-billing


Edit 3: False alarm? Optus system problem?


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