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a notice to certain japanese clans

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you know who you are, these days you have been accusing a friend of mine, "naomi250" of using WP, even going as far as to ask him how to use aim hack in the ingame chat, well boys, either you give evidence or you STFU, he has already streamed to prove his innocence even though he dosnt need to, well either you give proof or go watch his stream and see for yourselves


dont accuse unicums of using WP because you are too noob to play at their level


i cant speak japanese so can someone pass this to the japanese circles please

(stream: https://live.bilibili.com/live/4017751.html)

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Tell your friend naomi to held his chin up high and be proud.


Cause when someone accused him of using such illegal mods. His skills is far beyond than them and is a better player than them


So sad this happen tho. I met lots of JPs players and they re good. Just a few japanese. I love japanese. Just some of it are less educated on manners (the one who accuse ur friend)


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welp..... did u know that streaming doesnt help proving innocence at all?


there was a WP user( i wont list his name cuz he already got penalted i think) who streamed too, a  lot.

but nobody recognized that he was using WP until one day he carelessly posted a screenshot photo onto the twitter which proved him guilty


WP isnt a MOD, its a software that covers your wows screen

so when streaming, u can choose to show your WOWS screen ONLY not including the WP software


this is not the evidence to show that your friend is guilty, but at the same time, your friend can not show his innocence either


i dont know naomi, but just to let you know the fact

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Please be advised that any discussion of illegal mods are not permitted on the forums.

Any accusations of hacking or cheating are to be brought to the attention of Moderators or WG Staff for investigation.

Thread Locked.



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