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As a method to both further education into the game dynamics and an opportunity to promote team play perhaps WG could run a weekly quiz? I imagine something that would focus on a certain mechanic each week and reward some minor prize for completion. For a prize I would suggest something like enough credits for each correct answer that would allow a person to purchase 1 premium consumable if they got all the answers correct.


Here are 3 possible examples:


Can you see out of smoke?

Does your smoke protect your allies?

Can you be hit while in smoke?

What consumables can spot you in smoke?


Can you strafe your own fighters?

Is it better to attack with torpedo squadrons from the side or from the bow/stern?

Is it better to attack with bomber squadrons from the side or from the bow/stern?

Is it easier for you to turn your cv to avoid torpedos if it is stationary or moving?


Does AP start fires?

Can you start more than 1 fire in the same part of a ship?

What thickness armour can HE penetrate?

What does the ribbon (overpen ribbon) indicate?


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