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are tier 5 CV will meet tier 6 or 7 battle?

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hello, in update 0.6.3 we have some carriers control rework and removed the manual drop on tier 4 and 5, what i want to ask is about the MM. in tier 6 and 7 Cruisers and some destroyers have DFAA consumables that make it difficult even using manual drops, and tier 5 ships usually start to get in tier 6 and 7 battle. so will tier 5 CV like Zuiho and Bogue will face tier 6 or 7 ships? sorry i didn't play CV in random battles when in PT, i only play CV in training room to learn about them freely without need to think made my team lose. i appreciate the removal of manual drops in low tier, because i once meet Hosho with 5 planes instead of 4 with my new Hosho and with manual drops and strafe all my planes goes down easily, so thanks you for your effort making the game better :)


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