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Mangs Many different bugs

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With the latest update, the following bugs have been introduced:


- Entering a game, the UI elements are not being displayed correctly

- Missing Damage indicator on the top right

- Missing turret/gun position indicator (the circles with the degree indicator)

- Start game screen timer countdown and help text ("Reach 1000 points etc etc") not disappearing once the timer hits 0:00

- Cannot use TAB key during a game to see the team lists

- Once the game is finished, cannot hit the "i" indicator on the bottom right to see the match history.

- During a game cannot change settings ("Apply" button greys out when a setting is changed).

- Issue since 0.6.3 - Container opening screen plays the animations twice.

- I'm sure there are more bugs, but it got to the point where I had enough of closing/reloading the game just to get things working.  I'm paying money to play this game, but perhaps you should pay us to properly test it for you.


Fire whoever decided to release this patch without proper testing.  It makes Wargaming as a whole look like bunch of amateurs.

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Same, also the following:


In port cannot select or change consumables after first battle

Cannot select different ship in port after first battle


Currently unplayable.

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