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Feeling so sad.

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Just got Neptune.

98k average damage, 1.5k average EXP without premium account. I guess it's OK stats right?

But, 25% WR out of four games.

First game was easy and fun, a torp salvo got Kagero and Gearing, and I sunk enemy Neptune. Also used my hydro to counter Ibuki and another Gearing in an island camp fight. Met keskparane's Missouri this match.

Second match, our Ibuki tk'd our Fletcher and fed. Everyone tried their best but still, lost.

Third match, met [ZOO] unicum division, and our CV was AFK. My division got two Confederate and two Devastating Strike. Lost.

Fourth match, a stupid Shimakaze blueline-corner'd all match and insulted our CV, he did nothing else. No one dared to push due to lack of recon. Lost.


BTW, guys who own Neptune, AA spec or not?

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Owned Neptune before, expand your AA range as far as possible, CV ain't wagering to know you have as much AA dps possible or not

The fact your base AA is high already and extend so far is enough to scare them


And about bad stats, play more matches, it will even out

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