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Prinz Eugen's ANCHOR missing! NO ONE CARES!

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Today,I want to show the developers a mistake on Prinz Eugen.Its fore anchor has missed for at least

4 patches,and no one care about it!I have some pictures below


It is quite clear,right?I think the one with anchor is more beautiful and comfortable to see.If you don't buff it,please make sure the modle is correct,okay? I can't stand this ANYMORE! Looking forward to seeing this problem can be solved in next patch! Also,I find other guy asking this problem.And what?You just IGNORE that! And take this thing just like it hasn't HAPPENEDI know your developers are very busy,but you can't let this kind of thing exsist for 4 patches! Is that your method to solve the problem? Just ignore it?

Unacceptable and unbelievable!


Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned.




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Now that this has been brought to my attention, I won't be able to sleep properly.

How on earth will the 'anchor drop' maneuver be implemented into the game if the necessary equipment isn't there??


This is the sort of thing that totally unbalances the game. :red_button:

Mutinies have happened for less. 




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