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Destroyer Shell Travel Times (0.6.3 Public Test)

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Looking for a new gunboat to add to your fleet? Here's some 10km times for the higher tiers. It gives a good idea of their ballistics relative to each other. Both ammo types were tested, but they turned out to be the same for all these Destroyers.


             Benson - 8.58s (presumably shared with Fletcher and Gearing also - the mortar we all know and loath love)

            Akatsuki - 7.58s (presumably shared with all the other 127mm IJN DDs)

Leberect Maass - 7.45s

               Akizuki - 7.02s

                  Z-52 - 6.46s (I was surprised to see such a big improvement over Leberect Maass here - this is almost as good as Tashkent)

           Tashkent - 6.25s (shared with Kiev, Minsk, and possibly the lower tiers, too)

            Ognevoi - 5.74s (pretty solid upgrade over Tashkent's armament, shared with Khabarovsk and Udaloi)

           Grozovoi - 5.71s (barely any difference in travel time, despite the much higher muzzle velocity listed in the stat window)

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