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Z-23 and IFHE

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Finally i managed to use IFHE and CE on this ship.

And the video is the first time i use her after getting the skill. A lot of luck involved, and thanks to our team CV.

Also thanks to 2 BBs who followed me, although one was YOLO, i might not survive without him lol.


Many people doesn't like this ship, and say, don't invest into it.

I've tested the build at PT server, then i came with 3 requirements need to understand and to be done before making this ship useful.

Not a powerful ship, but useful.


1. Fully upgraded

2. IFHE + CE

3. Do not gunfight another DD with same or higher tier


Explanation :

1. The ship only have 4 x 128mm gun if you refuse to get 150mm.

Hull B and 150mm both required to get the ship 5 guns. The fore gun will transform into dual mount.

Since her firing range also horrible, plus you don't get bonus from Advanced Firing Training skill, extra range also a necessity.

Torpedo upgrade should be the last, note at this video, even BB managed to torpedo beat mine.

The spread of 4 tubes are huge, so it must be lucky to hit.


2. IFHE, inertial fuse high explosive

Is a skill needed to increase number of options to deal damage to another ship. 150mm + IFHE is equal to russian cruiser 152mm + IFHE.

Mogami's 155mm is a little bit higher. You can deal damage to BB bow and stern using this skill, note that i did full damage hitting North Carolina's bow. It is ship's hull part in front of the first turret.


CE is concealment expert, needed to reduce ship detectability. Almost a must have skill for DD, nuff said. Her max concealment is 6.2km


3. Z-23 is a poor gunboat to deal with another DD, even killing a Kagero is a lot of pain.

She is good against anything else tho.

AP penetration also horrible, as if the big 3700 AP damage a lie.

The only good target if you want to use her AP probably Shchors.

The bad penetration should be good against DD, you might think but it also wrong.

No good DD player would show broadside all the time.

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