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New player (duh)

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I just started playing this game although I knew it since alpha and was very hyped about it. Lost hype after a while and was unable to get the game anyways due to crap computer.

Now I have a slightly better pc to play on (i3) suprisingly able to run the game on medium graphics. I am a player of World of Tanks Blitz too, just got tier 10 few weeks ago FYI. 

Currently I'm going down IJN cruiser line and USN carrier line, although tempted to go for German BBs. ( German steel gud no Russian BB bias )

Any suggestions  for me?

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Seems good line pick, although i would say play the ship that you will enjoy a lot regardless meta.

German BB is the best IMO.

Worst line at the moment as i type are probably german DD and IJN DD line. Yet i wont say, don't play that if you suit to those lines.

I also using i3, an old processor, you could crank the game to best graphic quality at 1440x 900 resolution by upgrading your memory (at least 8 GB), and video card (i'm using GTX 1050). GTX 1050 enabled me to play at best graphic quality, 2x FXAA.


I wont give you general guideline or something, as i believe that chewing the game too fast will burn you fast. But if you interested on such a thing, welcome to general discussion.

And, welcome to the game.

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let see

DD : this line is very steady. each time to go up the tier, the ship are getting better and better. tough gearing doesnt feels like real upgrade compared to fletcher. 

BB : murican shell. what else to ask, tier 8-10 also very versatile

CA : pretty good up to tier 6. tier 7-9 is kinda hard to play. but the DM is real reward

CV : tier 4-5 clubbed the hell out of IJN CV, tier 6-8 must go AS or else got clubbed by IJN CV(saipan is exception), tier 9-10 used to be godly OP, after their loadout got rebalanced, they are less OP, but still dangerous. tough now it makes IJN CV more favourable


DD : get clubbed

BB : tier 3-4 is hard :|, tier 5-8 is good, tier 9 is hard, tier 10 is meh. yamato only has that 460mm that can pen other BB bow. only that. 

CA : the ibuki is the ..... in the line. she doesnt feels like real upgrade compared to mogami. well if u can endure her. zao is really good

CV : tier 4-5 = get clubbed. T6 should go AS or got clubbed, tier 7 = endure the club and club them back. T8 = play it well and club em, T9-10 they are arguably better than USN now.



DD : masochist line

BB : very solid BB line that getting better and better each tier. their 2ndary is godly. its just their maingun dispersion accuracy is bad and it doesnt improve at all even if u reach the high tier.

CA : T2-4 is bad. tier 5-6 is GLASS cannon. T7 is disheartening, T8 is kinda derp but many ppl like it, tier 9-10 is good, especially the tier 9, i enjoy RooN the most compared to all tier 9 CA.


RN :

CL : tier 2-5 is  . . . . . . (free exp it if u can). tier 6 and up is good, very good.


RU :

CA : balanz

DD : balanz

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I'm a Skrub (duh)


Play in Divisions, Make friends, Know how game works by asking your division mates... Watch Gameplay videos...(for each ship) because every ship is different and handles differently... 


Teamplay is most IMPORTANT.

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