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Camera/Problem with I don't know what, I have a screenshot.

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So yeah, I have a problem with the game. I just got to tier 4 with wyoming and clemson. Then I played with wyoming, then my camera froze. It froze in one place but I can't do anything about camera controls or whatever they are (binocular view, free look). Then I can control my ship, the minimap also froze. I can control my ship with all navigational keys (W,A,S,D). But the camera is still at 1 place, can't move anywhere. I can fire my guns but not move my camera. When I press M, it only shows the side dialogues and I can do nothing except do the autopilot thing.


Pls help? Idk if this is normal but it only happened once with EACH ship (Wyoming and Clemson, tier IV)


The screenshot that I uploaded is the critcal error that showed up. Thank you.critical error at WoWs pls help..png


critical error at WoWs pls help..png

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