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[BUG] Premium time is not updated when Alt+Tab out & back

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1. Description

Premium time is not updated when Alt+Tab out & back

2. Reproduction steps


1. Must have remaining premium account in minutes

2. Press Alt+Tab out

3. Enter back the game client

4. Verify premium time update

3. Result

Premium time froze and not updated

4. Expected result

Premium time should run in real-time even when alt+tab out.


5. Technical details


I had frequent alt+tab prior the bug happened.

My premium time is already expired

Capture 1.PNG

Coming back to game, the premium time stuck at 8 minutes.

Capture 2.jpg

15 mins have passed while the game remained open, premium time still not updating.

Capture 3.jpg


Python.log file link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/78knjladictk5mk/python.log

Capture 1.PNG

Capture 2.jpg

Capture 3.jpg

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