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I wanna talk about how bad this ship is

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I'd like to talk about this useless piece of junk of a ship.

Honestly what's the point ?

It's just a try-hard wannabe gearing but everything is worse.
-the guns are bad , other gunboats in lower tiers have better guns than you.

-both the gearing and the shimakaze can outspot you.

-and even if you're faster than gearing it'll still murder you in a knife fight head on.

what's the gimmick here ?

-the torps are like copy pasted fletcher torps but everything is worse.

-it's even advertised as a good AA gunship but fletcher has better anti-air than this piece of junk .

all in all I think grozovoi is a bad ship

-pic unrelated btw

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Grozovoi looks good. Large elegant hull, modern looking bridge, post war styled 130mm/58 Pattern 1957, Hedgehog ASW… What else do you want? It looks super nice and elegant so I'LL GET IT!


Edit: I'm not sure which boat are you talking about, I thought it was Grozovoi cuz my network didn't load the picture in time, and the picture is Z-52.


Edit 2: Didn't see the last sentence, my bad

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WG expects us to demand buff on her!

One month later, WG makes her overpowered and says

" You guys asked for it :D  Blame yourselves :B"


Ultimate goal of WG is to replace Gearing with Grozovoi

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I found the T9 better.

In 60 odd games, I've cracked 100k damage 4-5 times.

It's really hard to use, you need to stay hidden. And if you get spotted, you're nearly always insta deleted, because they take regular pen damage.

You tend to lose three quarters of your health in a cap at the start, and play handicapped the rest of the game, if you survive.

It's slow and can't zig zag the incoming fire like other dd's.

If you see a radar cruiser, just run away, he will get you in 2-3 salvos.

I put 3 torps into a Bismark last night, did 30k damage. You can double that for usn or ijn boats.

I'm only an average player, with average stats, but I like it, it's something different with a different playstyle.

It won't carry a team and you need to be careful when you shoot.

Sorry for wall of text, waiting to see how invisi fire removal affects the other dd lines.

I think they're going the same way with gun bloom to max range.


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