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Custom Camo. A guide.

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Custom Camo Guide


Tools required:

- Unpacker. An unpacker for WOWs can be found here.
- Image editor and the ability to create .dds files. I recommend GIMP with a DDS plug-in.
- XML editor. I use Notepad++.


- Download the unpacker tools to your WOWs directory.
- Launch wows_unpacker_gui. It will build a tree of contents.
- Select and Unpack res\camouflages.xml (you may also unpack any of the stock camouflages from res\content\gameplay\common\camouflage\textures\* if you wish to edit them)



- Copy the unpacked assets from res_unpacked to res_mods\[wows version]\
- You may now launch WOWs and it will be using the mod files. Any changes to camouflages.xml will require a restart, but you can make dynamic changes to the dds image maps.


Creating: An example. (I do not know the exact requirements but the following sizes & settings have worked for me)


- Open GIMP and create a 1024 x 1024 *black image.
- Export image as res\my_camo.dds (I have been exporting with DXT1 compression & minimaps)
- Open res\camouflages.xml and find the ship name you would like to customize. 
- Copy the **<camouflage> xml for that ship to the last position in the xml data tree under the <!--//Test camo--> comment.
- Remove any of the ship names from <targetShip> that you do not want this camo to apply to.
- Edit the <Textures><Tile> path to point to your dds file my_camo.dds.
- Edit the <color...> ***colors to those shown in the example which match their color in the dds file.
- Start WOWs, purchase Erie (free) and select the Type 1 camo. You should see the plain black camo applied. If you now change the color in the dds file to red, deselect Erie, then reselect Erie, then you should see the color change applied. Remember that any changes to camouflages.xml will require a restart, but you can make dynamic changes to the dds image maps.


* You may use up to four colors in your final design. Black, Red, Green, & Blue. 


     <!--//Test camo-->
        <annotation>Блок тайленых американских камуфляжей для крейсеров с квадратной текстурой</annotation>
            <Tile>2.9 2.9</Tile>
            <Bow_DeckHouse>1.45 1.45</Bow_DeckHouse>
            <MidFront_DeckHouse>1.45 1.45</MidFront_DeckHouse>
            <MidBack_DeckHouse>1.45 1.45</MidBack_DeckHouse>
            <Stern_DeckHouse>1.45 1.45</Stern_DeckHouse>
            <Gun>0.5 0.5</Gun>
            <Bulge>1.45 1.45</Bulge>
        <!-- <color>%R %G %B %Opacity</color> 1.000 = 100% -->
        <color0>0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000</color0><!-- These settings will be applied to Black in dds file -->
        <color1>1.000 0.000 0.000 1.000</color1><!-- These settings will be applied to Red in dds file -->
        <color2>0.000 1.000 0.000 1.000</color2><!-- These settings will be applied to Green in dds file -->
        <color3>0.000 0.000 1.000 1.000</color3><!-- These settings will be applied to Blue in dds file -->


*** The color maps in the xml file are R, G, B, Opacity. The formula to convert from RGB is 255/R, 255/G, 255/B, Opacity/100.




- You now have the information required to create your own custom camo. Experiment with colors & designs. See you out there... or maybe not ;)

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