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suggestion re containers

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Containers absolutely fantastic idea choosing your rewards love it.

recently it was tweaked to reduce the number of signal flags per container. Bit of a pity as you can never have enough signals but probably fair enough as the first 2 containers roll up after a few games.


My suggestion is for the 3rd container which takes more games to get to I dont know the stats but I would suspect a large number of players do not regularly receive the third container as they dont play that long.


How about increasing the rewards in the third container and the chance of a super container or try your luck to promote players staying on longer to get to the third container ie 4 prizes in a regular third container and 2 prizes in an unsuccessful try your luck container with the random chance of a super container buffed as well


Just a suggestion ? overall though containers have been a really great enhancement to the game well done WOW

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A friend asked me the same question the other day about whether chances for a supercontainer increased on the second and third containers. While I'm sure its not the case, I do like your idea of buffing the third container a bit if possible. it would most certainly encourage people into playing more.

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