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[ BUG] Ranked battles: Star not awarded after reaching Rank 10, but R10 flag still added to inventory

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1. Description

Upon reaching rank 10 after winning a ranked battle, a star was not awarded. The UI still shows that I am rank 11. However, the reward for reaching rank 10 (Bravo League Flag) was still added to the player inventory.

2. Reproduction steps

1. Be at rank 11, with 2/3 stars

2. Win a ranked battle

3. Check results screen to confirm that star was not awarded

4. Check notifications tab to see that flag was awarded and added to player inventory

5. Check ranked screen to confirm that player is still shown as rank 11

3. Result

After winning the battle, "Rank 10" is displayed, however no stars are awarded (the animation does not occur). Upon returning to the port screen, the UI still shows the player as rank 11 (with 2/3 stars), and there is a notification that the Bravo League Flag was added to player inventory.







4. Expected result

Player is shown as rank 10 within user interface.


5. Technical details



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