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Second mini IJN BB line?

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Want to say that this would be a long way in the future. I would rather them first add in battleship lines for other nations first before doing this.


With the introduction of the Mutsu it got me thinking; "why isn't there more of the IJN Battleships/Battlecruisers with torpedoes?" And then I remembered three designs I had stumbled across in the past; Tosa, Kii and Number 13. These three ships would fit perfectly in as top tier ships


Tosa-Class (2 "Dreadnaughts")

- Tosa

- Kaga (converted into an aircraft carrier)


Kii-Class (4 "Fast Battleships")

- Kii

- ?

- ?

- ?


Number 13 (4 "Fast Battleships"; known only as Number 13-16)

- Number 13

- Number 14

- Number 15

- Number 16


DP = duel purpose (both a secondary and AA)





Same caliber guns as is already on the Amagi, Izumo and Yamato, where the difference stats is the size of the ship and number of guns. 


Tosa was a heavily modified Nagato so having it build off the Nagato into it at tier 8 makes sense. The armament and armor is pretty standard for that tier, what makes it impressive is the inclusion of 8x 61cm torpedoes (4 tubes per side). The Tosa and Amagi may seem similar armament wise because the Amagi is based on the Tosa design. The Amagi however loses armor and gets bigger then the Tosa.


The Kii has more then just torpedoes over the Izumo. The Izumo has 9 guns in three turrets to the front, the Kii has 10 guns in 5 turrets; 2 in the front and 3 to the rear.


The Number 13 is longer then the Yamato but is much narrower and smaller. You do also lose a gun but on the plus side you get a fourth turret. 



Would be interested to hear what people think of these ships and if they would like to see them in the game

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