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random suggestion: night battles

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Because I lost a bet, I'm gonna do this ridiculous suggestion. Interestingly, I may badpost later on in the historical sections if I feel like it.


Well, I'm not really THIS fond of night battles and shit but for the sake of suggestion (which I am highly confident that wont even be eyeballed by the RUdevs because they have a CRAPTON of stuff to prioritize such as underping the carriers), then let us be to it. Now people were chanting about night battles not too long ago so I'll put my bit in this. Its actually a novel concept but its gonna be a tasking thing since it may take a bit of your PC for it.


- the daylight is randomized. a thing to note is of the loading screen of the map Trident which is basically entering the dawn's early light. Much like the random occurrences of the storm mechanic, it should be a thing to see for the map to go dimmer. Technically the "night" map we get is Northern Lights but lol aurora borealis.


- night will persist or desist in the match. For example, you started in a night setting, it shouldnt be a surprising thing that when the sun starts to pop up its gonna revert back to the view and spotting ranges and vice versa or even the whole battle is a night setting for gratuitous lulz.


- much like during a storm, view ranges and spotting ranges will have tweaks when darkness begins to envelope the map. The range where people see each other is a km shorter than during a storm i.e. 6-7km but the detection range when one pops a shot will be equivalent to a ninja Scharnhorst's detection range at 23km or 18km because sure you can't see that big ass momentary muzzle flash in the horizon amid the darkness of the waters and the time for the concealment ring to shrink  will be the same moment as of an invisifiring Zao or a destroyer. Basically you pop a shot, EVERYONE's gonna momentarily see you. Torpedoes will still be detected the same way to prevent "surprise foolish commander" torpedo strikes unless someone can justify the living crap out of having torpedoes be a bit harder to detect


- visual confirmation of allies and map confirmation of allies will differ i.e. just because a friendly cruiser is near you in the minimap doesnt mean you can instantly SEE em near you. This is actually a fairly bad idea but it might reinforce the rapid need to look at the godforsaken minimap.


Now the bad....


- LIGHTING, HURR! yeah, lighting's gonna be total pain to start gimping the client for. Optimizing the living shit out of the game first before doing such a daring thing


- yo dawg, I herd you liek more processing power~


- the chances of players prostituting themselves to islands or hugging in the darkness and not even jumping into the void will be too damn high


- destroyers that survive and/or are torpedo sluts like the Shiratsuyu or Shimakaze CAN and WILL do so with impunity


I stand with my notion that this wont even be considered as there are a LOT of things the RUdevs are slated to do.


Derp.exe has stopped working after so long

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