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Game freeze but voice/music is normal

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Hi WG,

  I have to report this issue because I am almost unable to play game. The freeze occurs often, sometime at harbor, sometimes in battle, but both with voice continue. Following place I am sure:

 1. No MOD or  add-ons used

 2. Network is OK

 3. My graphic card driver is latest

4. No blue screen or black screen, my laptop works normally and no restart need, I have to terminate WoWS process

5. I also checked directory crash in installation directory, no log kept in there

My env: Win10,  GF880M display card.   Could someone can help me on this?

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Sounds like the same thing that is happening to me. But only happens to me when I play CV. Posted here


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I am experiencing a camera freeze issue in battle which sounds similar to yours. Started happening with windows 10 16215 build. Support was absolutely no assistance claiming that they had never heard of my problem before but I see that it is been popping up since 2015

I have no mods installed. latest graphics drivers installed.

The ship just keeps sailing off and can be controlled to sail off the screen or around in circles. no mods installed and fresh installs done a number of times .


Zooming in with the mouse wheel seems to be the thing that triggers the problem


Python.log  shows Unhandled python exception: {math domain error[(25177307951925205,3,16188071568728)(25177307951925205,18,87527934568144)(25177307951925205,456,87516131064076)(25177307951925205,33,87497465000852)(25177307951924201,104,47138192170972)(25177307951924181,338,43509225976924)(25177307951924181,154,45609237400372)(25177307951924181,15,46233843347003)(25177307951924181,104,46185101910465)(25177307951925178,173,85613247768828)]}



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