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[Windows] How to enable training room, replay and solve download issue(hopefully)

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There are some tutorials on the Internet and some of them requires complicated(maybe) procedures. I am fine with that but what if we could do that in one click and that's why I wrote a software to do that easy and quick.



WOWS Training room.PNG



Github (Yes, it is open source)


The first time you open this software, it will ask you for you game path (select your game folder not the .exe file inside). After that, it is all set.

If you enable training mode, it will stay there until a game update because it resets that file and you have to open it again.

Replay mode will stay there forever until you close it.

Download boost works the same as training mode. (Sometimes, the game updater freezes when it says retrieving game update. This function could solve it)


I am also working on an IOS stat checker. If you are interested, you could check out this link

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