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Name Violation

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Penalty Appeals

Our clan was created and Called ANZAC we have been given a name violation please refer to below 

Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served".

Yes it is to remember our fallen from both countries however you will notice that all whom have severed since 1915 but all Members of the Australian and New Zealand armed forces as per above are entitled to the name ANZAC which we ware with unbridled pride I am an ANZAC served in Australian Army 1 general Hospital attached to 1 Australian field hospital (dust of Medic ) Royal Australian Medical Corps Vietnam. Served on HMAS Sydney aircraft carrier My son also a member of Clan served HMAS Brisbane RAN and Darwin so we are entitled to the title ANZAC served Persian gulf and East Timore . the only difference is that WW1 veterans ( may they now rest in peace had a special badge " A " no one else is entitled to it. I have both my grandfathers x 2 and my grand father in laws . Not allowing the name ANZAC is an insult to all serving members of both countries. I REQUEST NAME ANZAC be reinstated our FB page is also a remembrance page lest we forget.. My email server has changed should you wish to contact me its barrie.chapman@optusnet.com.au also one other thing ANZAC is an acronym and is known as A.N.Z.A.C it is takeing forever to get an answer through the support tabs Thus posted here


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Good Morning,

Please be advised that there are clear regulations around the use of the word 'Anzac' under the Protection of Word 'Anzac' Act 1920 and penalties apply for the incorrect use of the term. 

The Protection of Word 'Anzac' Regulations 1921 (Cth) state that:
'no person may use the word 'Anzac', or any word resembling it, in connection with any trade, business, calling or profession or in connection with any entertainment or any lottery or art union or as the name or part of a name of any private residence, boat, vehicle of charitable or other institution, or other institution, or any building without the authority of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs.'

For further information please refer to http://www.dva.gov.au/commemorations-memorials-and-war-graves/protecting-word-anzac

If you have the appropriate permissions please provide those as a part of your support response.

Support tickets are not to be raised here. Thread Locked.

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