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Team Battles suggestion.

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Most of my competitive gaming has been confined to the Battlefield series. Specifically, 2 and 2142. As most of you are probably aware, there are a great number of weapon and gadget unlocks in those games with which you can customize your soldier. However, as with every game, some of those weapons and gadgets are considered overpowered and detrimental to competitive play. As such, virtually every competition I was a part of used a limited unlock/gadget system that saw teams forced to develop strategies and tactics around far more stringent rules.

The end result was a far less spammy, more skill and team work focused game that was more rewarding to play in and spectate.

This current season of Ranked Battles illustrates clearly that a similar strategy could work. Saipans, Sharnhorsts, Belfasts, Leningrad, Blyzkawica & Sims are all dominant premiums in the current format, making those who don't have the capacity to pay less effective and possibly less likely to participate. If there were a format that forbid the use of Premium ships, gameplay would be better for it. Yes, ships like the Gneisenau and Fiji will take up the mantle as dominant vessels, but suddenly a raft of other possibilities are viable also, none of which could be considered over powered. 

The only downside I can see is the lack of radar to force smoked ships from their cover, but even then there are options. You could, for instance, limit competitors to using only the most basic consumables or even enforce a captain point limit. Such options would be open for discussion. The end result, I believe, would result in more skill & teamwork based results than under the current format of Ranked.


I'm not suggesting such a format should replace Ranked Battles but there's no reason it can't run alongside it, or even between seasons like Team Battles was originally intended to do. People will still buy Premiums for Random and Ranked, but those of us who wish for a more coordinated and strategic team based style of play have been left in the cold since Team Battles ended, so WG, how 'bout some love?

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