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Match Making(MM) had to be better

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Ok let me say something abour MM.
It has been a problem and it is a problem in WOW.

I just played a match that I sailed with Donskoi today.
I suppose to go to Top 9 tier match or Top 10 tier match.
I like to know why our team have a 7 tier Colorado in 10 top match(division system need to be fix, too), one short on DD, Lexington is on our team and Shokaku on other side, and TWO pink(team-killer) in our team.
Other side? Just normal. No pink no 7 tier in top 10 tier match, No Lexington, and USA DD on their side against our Japan's DD.
We only had one Shimakaze for our DD and other team with one shima, and one fletcher for capturing mission.

It is gotta fix!!!
At least match the number of DD for each side!!!
If match it with almost same nation's DD for same tier will be the BEST!!!
And gotta fix LEXINGTON and RANGER for 013 formations.
Can't do anything if they meet Japan's CV.
And same teammates can't rely on our CV.
Developers need to work hard on fixing balance of MM system.


Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned.



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Once upon a time, a Yamato div'd with two Eries…

So you at least get a Colorado, even tho every T8-10 battleship can harvest damage from it, still, better than two T1 fishboat right?

The matchmaker was far far more broken before compared to what we get now, it's just normal.

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