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Free improved consumables for ranked battles, anyone?


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People entering rank should be ideally equipped with premium consumables. Well, more charges and 30% less CD, and for some consumables like radar, it could means a difference from 1 charge (standard w/o superintendent) to 3 charges (premium w/ superintendent). For whatever reason (i.e. forget equipping it, attempt to save credits), people who don't use premium consumables are not likely going to do themselves and their team good favors. It sucks for a team that lost a rank just because some of them are only using standard consumables and none of the enemy team are.


So, I propose the following:


1. For all ranked battle participants, regardless what consumable choices they are using, they will be provided with a premium version of the selected consumables.

2. All premium consumables will be resupplied for free after the battles.


This will reduce the disparity among players to just ships, hulls and camouflage.

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I hope not.


If people go in without premium consumables or flags, thats their choice.

They hinder themselves and their team with their selections.


Its like stating that they need to be top hull/gun to enter rank, but you will still see people bring in stock BBs (non-premium) and hope for a victory.

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We never got free consumables in clan wars (WOT) or any other game mode.  Why would it start now?

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