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The good, the bad and the ugly

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From RU server statistics, How about ASIA


Tier 2:
Best ships: Umikaze, V-25.


Tier 3:
König Albert surpassed Bogatyr and Nassau mentioned in previous evaluations.

Tier 4:
Best BB: Imperator Nikolai I and Arkansas Beta.
Worst BB: Myogi.
Best CA: Iwaki Alpha.
Worst CA: Karlsruhe and Danae.
Best DD: Clemson (after the nerf of Isokaze).
Worst DD: V-170.

Tier 5:
Best BB: König and Texas.
Worst BB: New York.
Best CA: Königsberg.
Worst CA: Emerald and Krasny Krim.
Best DD: Gremyashchy, Kamikaze and Fujin.
Worst DD: T-22.
Worst ship Bogue.

Tier 6:
Tier 6 battleships are much stronger than other tier 6 ships, even the carriers. This is true for most tiers, but especially for tier 6.
Best BB: Arizona.
Worst BB: Warspite
Best CA: Admiral Graf Spee (slightly ahead of other cruisers).
Worst CA: Nürnberg.
Best DD: Shinonome.
Worst DD: Ognevoi, Fubuki and Hatsuharu (but both are not as bad as Mutsuki before the split).

Tier 7:
Best BB: Sharnhorst significantly leads Gneisenau.
Best CA: Belfast, Flint and Fiji.
Worst CA: York and Pensacola.
Best DD: Blyskawia, Shiratsuyu and Leningrad.
Worst DD: Kiev, Mahan and Akatsuki.

Tier 8:
Best BB: Bismark.
Worst BB: North Caroline.
Best CA: Michail Kutuzov and Atago.
Worst CA: Hipper, Prinz Eugen and New Orleans.
Best DD: Akizuki and Z-23.
Worst DD: Kagero and Tashkent

Tier 9:
Best BB: Missouri (by a large margin).
Worst BB: Izumo (the second worst tier 9).
Best CA: Neptune.
Worst CA: Baltimore (the worst tier 9).
Best DD: Z-46.
Worst DD: Yugumo.

Tier 10:
Best BB: Großer Kurfürst.
Best CA: Minotaur.
Worst CA: Des Moines (even worse now compared to other cruisers).
Best DD: Khabarovsk.
Worst DD: Shimakaze (the worst tier 10).

German DDs:
V-25 (good)
G-101 (bad)
V-170 (bad)
T-22 (really bad)
Ernst Gaede (average)
Leberecht Maass (average)
Z-23 (good)
Z-46 (good)
Z-52 (average)



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I'm surprised the Kiev is in the worst. I've just unlocked it and I feel it plays great (as long as you recognise it's a russian DD and has to engage at range). Ognevoi was frustrating, but as soon as I played the kiev I could feel the POWER!

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T2 to 4 I dont have any ugly or bad ship

T5 NY(Texas is better than:trollface:) and Konig, Omaha class, Press F kaze, Mutsuki, Emerlad


T6 Independence, Hatsuharu and Bucky(stock torpedo lol)

T7 Hiryu(give some T7 TB plz), Yorck(What is AP), Colorado(too low HP) Pepsi-Cola, Shchors(What is AA)

T8 Akizuki(they said lol nope nvm), Chapayev(stock no radar!), Benson(nerf detonation plz),

T9 Yugumo(too many bad players play Yugumo), Izumo(AA?)

T10 nope

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To answer the OP's Q. Go to: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20170204/asia_2month/average_ship.html


BUT...I'm going to post this here too. Please stop comparing WR apples to apples. Number of games must be taken into consideration;


Don't go saying XXX prem or brand new German DD is better than XXX ship unless you've taken number of games into account.

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Emerald was one of my best ships ever, just clicked.  Different folks, etc

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