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Self Configuring Consumable Keys

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A suggestion for the consumable section for each ship.

Currently the consumable are hard coded to set keys for when using them


Example : R - Repair Party


My issue is around consumables such as smoke, DFAA, hydro etc.


These keys are not the same for each vessel. The Fiji has its smoke bound to key 'U', The Kutzov has it bound to key 'Y', etc.

When playing the one ship or class several times this is fine, but I have been in games where instead of smoke I pop radar (hydro), or smoke instead of DFAA. (looking at you Belfast)


Please can we have the ability to set key values to these consumables ourselves to make them consistent. By default they can be as they are currently, but if i then make all my vessels with smoke to 'U' i will just utilise that key in future without mashing and swearing at myself and the monitor when i stuff up.




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