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Tirpitz ammo

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1. Description

When in battle in the Tirpitz firing AP shells, then firing Torpedoes, the guns load HE, not AP.

2. Reproduction steps


  1. Select the Tirpitz

  2. Enter the battle.
  3. Fire main armament AP at target.
  4. Switch and fire Torpedoes
  5. Return to main armament and HE have been loaded

3. Result


Having to wait until main armament has reloaded with AP

4. Expected result

After firing Torpedoes and returning to fire main armament, they should be loaded with last shell type selected before firing torps.


5. Technical details


Happens every game


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Just jumped into my Tirpitz for a battle to see if I could replicate this but I can't. Ammo selection is working for me the same as every other ship I have played.


Took me quite a while to stop pressing 1 to go back to main guns until I got more used to the game. I was constantly without realising pressing 1 every time after using torps to switch back to guns. So I would have one AP salvo that was already loaded and then I would get HE next, even when I swore blue murder that I was always pressing 2. In the heat of the moment I realised I was always pressing 1 to go back to main armament. Not saying that you are, but It took me a while to realise that I was the problem when I thought that the ships were acting up.

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