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How to Ognevoi

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Hello Hello

I got Ognevoi for a while

I tried play her to maximum strength whist contributing enough to team

But I just can't make her work well enough #feelsbadman

So, I'm here to ask how to make her best before the mighty Kiev is mine


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If you've played Gnevny 'good' enough then there's not much difference for Ognevoi


What you do get now obviously is that Ognevoi's turrets turn better, so it leaves more room for you to maneuver better and dodge.

You job will be 'supporting' ally DDs in your (Not!)CL of a DD with your superior arcs. You can go and cap yourself if you're sure it's either safe to cap or you know you can disengage.

Harassing larger cruisers and battleships at range is also good if they're proving trouble for your allies on objectives gives you both the damage and potential damage through speed tanking, discouraging enemy ships from committing


Edit: Your contribution on the battle adds up the longer you are in a fight. Those 4 guns aren't gonna make large damage numbers anytime soon, but through fires and being in the fight long enough, and helping allies contest objectives, your contribution snowballs.

Only YOLO for torp runs when you're sure the match is won. So you can at least get your bit of fun while not ruining everyone else's.

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