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HE penetration and damage saturation

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already know that each part of ship as separate e.g bow and  stern superstructure. if those part get saturated by damage then they will stop taking damage shell or torpedo (aside fires because it deal universal damage)


but few days ago i saw a vid from Aeroon where a Grosser Kurfust sunk a ship just by having HE shot trough its bow. how come its possible, am i missing something here?


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  • Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure - while they are each physically separate, collectively these sections represent a small portion of the ship's base HP (around 20%-30%), which is distributed proportionately among them according to their relative volume. These sections contain compartments and equipment that are mostly not critical to a ship's survival or effectiveness and is usually less armored. Thus, it makes sense that they each hold a relatively small amount of HP compared to the the ship's base HP.
  • Citadel - it is usually the most protected section of the ship, commonly situated near or below the waterline and behind the ship's thickest armor. This is where the ship's magazine and critical machinery is located. It represents the same amount of HP as the ship's base HP.
  • Body - this is not a "section" per se as it actually encompasses the entire ship. All the other sections are located inside it. In other words, regardless of which section a shell hits it also hits the Body. By itself, it represents a large bulk of the ship's base HP (around 75%-85%).




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