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HMS Dragon - ORP Dragon

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So with the RN cruiser line out for a while, i decided to look at them and what happened to those ships. I wont delve too deeply into the stats early on, as we all have seen the current T4 Danae class cruiser in game.

Currently she is equipped with 6 CP Mark XIV 152 mm guns, with 13 - 76 mm armour, though most players will think its the 13mm that always gets hit!


However, in 1943, the British government sold the HMS Dragon to the Polish government in exile, and she was renamed as the ORP Dragon.

She was using the 1943 refit for the Danae which makes it interesting for her guns are follows;


5 × 152 mm Mk XII guns

1 × 102 mm gun

8 × 40 mm 2 pdr Pom-pom AA guns

3 × quadruple mounting Mark VII 2 pounder Mark VIII gun

12 × 20 mm Oerlikon AA guns


The 1942 refit had the same main guns, but it has 12 x 533 torpedoes ( 4 x 3 turrets as currently).


This ship with the 43 refit would make it a stronger lower tier ship as a premium. The armour model would remain the same, so it can take citadels even from well placed HE shells.

The AA suite may be too strong at that tier, but then again with its flaky armour and the 152 mm guns, players may not expend captain points into BFT or AFT to make that component strong.


As an interesting note, this particular ship was sunk (scuttled) during the Normandy invasion by a german Neger launch, which is a manned torpedo. Surprisingly these were not popular to use, as the operator frequently perished. Neger - here is a link if anyone is interested.


As stated to summarise, id believe that the 43 arm suite would make a compatible T4 or T5 Polish premium and add some more variety to that nations ship line.

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