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USSR Destroyers changes, as well as USS Black

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USSR Changes

Tier IX Kiev

She will be introduce a Repair Party and can replace smoke, she will have some designs prior to its blueprint

She'll be having more AA Defenses as usual 

Tier X Khabarovsk

Can have Repair Party or smoke generator


USS Black

She was never mentioned in the patch for months, and now she's returning with added Surveillance Radar as her Third slot (can be change with Engine Boost, AA Defense fire) 

It's torpedo speed is kinda not good for her type, only 43 knots but has a greater range of 13.7 km

[uSS Black is prior on testing yet there will be changes after its release]




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Repair Party will be interesting for Destroyers. Kiev will apparently have fairly low hitpoints (~19,500 with SE) considering she's a large, unstealthy gunboat. So Repair Party will be good compensation for the HP downgrade from Tashkent. Khabarovsk, however, already has a massive hitpoint pool (26,000 with SE) and combined with this:


Restore up to 50% of damage from regular armor-piercing penetrations.

Restore 100% of all fire, flood, ramming, and over-penetration damage.


... will make her amazingly resilient. If that wasn't enough, she also possesses a natural resistance to HE damage with her 50mm armour plates. Hopefully they test her thoroughly before unleashing her upon us.

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