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Kongo's Module Build and Commander Skills for 0.6.0 Update?

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#side note#

i played ARP ships (which is same to Kongo characteristic) and found out that the update gave significant impact on BB play style.

currently at T5 BB's line and I'm not planing to go deeper through the BB line.



What is the "best or better" modules and commander skills are recommended for Kongo after 0.6.0 updates?

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Just the other day after the update i had to reassign traits to my BB captain.... I soon figured out some of the levels are mostly about selecting the least worst traits rather than having to chose between desirable traits.


Level 1 - you have to take expert loader which is barely useful but the others are even less useful to a BB

level 2 - You have some more interesting choices here, but i would go with expert marksmen. The new skill 'last chance' also looks interesting.... (if i knew my crew could work that fast i would have whipped them harder in the beginning)

level 3 - I took basic firing training because i am doing german BB that have good secondaries and the extra AA is the cherry on top.

level 4 - I took advanced firing training because it will stack well with level 3 basic firing training


Kongo i don't know.

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I took the following for my 15 point captain, in order of importance imo:

1pt: PM (what else would you take if you are firing AP all the time?)

2pt: EM (for quickscopes)

3pt: BOS, SI, VG, BFT (to stop burning, extra healz, torpedo dodges and making aircraft go away)


For upgrades I took, take main armament mod 1, aiming systems mod 1 and DCS mod 1.


Slap a type 5 camo on it if you fancy and you are good to go!

Hope this helps!

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Anything is fine for Kongo, even with 0 point commander.

Feel free to build a fun build for your Kongo.

i.e. Since i have 4 ARP Kongo, i build them like...

1. Anything about damage control and repair Kongo

2. AA Kongo

3. Anything about sensor Kongo, Priority target and RPF are the main menu

4. Secondaries Kongo

Try your own build perhaps ? These are fun ships to tinker with.

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The good thing about the ARP ships is that you can try different builds on them without having to respec captains or repurchase modules.


For example I have one ARP Kongo focusing on main guns, one on secondaries and one on AA, and another spare unspecced Kongo. So 5 Kongos (if I buy back the regular one).


For Level 1 I would recommend Preventive Maintenance. By taking that, you can take Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 instead of Main Armaments Mod 1 and increase your AA and Secondaries HP. Very useful especially for AA and Secondary builds. Otherwise perhaps Expert Loader.


For Level 2, take Expert Marksman. I find IJN turrets turn too slowly, even worse when its on a BB. Though If you are an aggressive player and find yourself taking a lot of damage, you may want to consider taking Adrenaline Rush if you have some spare points.


For Level 3, there are several options, depending on how you want to play, no real wrong choices here apart from the CV skills obviously. Superintendent for extra heal, BFT for AA and secondaries, Vigilance if you are scared of torpedoes. Take your pick.


For Level 4, I prefer AFT for better AA and secondary range. But if you play aggressive and find yourself on fire often, consider Fire Prevention. Or Concealment Expert if you want to play a sneaky BB and ambush cruisers at close-mid range for easy citadels.


For equipment, take Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 (if using Preventive Maintenance skill, otherwise Main Armaments), take Aiming Systems Mod 1(or Secondary Battery or AA guns if using a Secondary or AA build) and Damage Control System.

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