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Scharnhorst new captain skill

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Hi i was wondering if someone could give me advice on what new skills to pick for the Scharnhorst (secondary build) =) i've got 16 points to spend at the moment.


I ran it with the following skills before the patch:

Basics of Survivability

Expert Marksman



Manual Fire Control Secondaries



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Mine is Gneisenau. So yeah I guess more or less the same.


I have to check back later but I remembered my build is as such

1. Double fighter

2. Expert marksman

3. Basic firing training

4. Advanced firing training and manual secondary.


Currently 16 points.. I'm still uncertain how should I go about the next few points.. either I go 3 tier 4 skills or 2 tier 2, 2 tier 3, and 2 tier 4.


Ah well, that's far far away anyway... :P

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Flamu's adrenaline rage build looks really really good




PM to prevent torps to get knocked out, or DCCA to ruin CV strikes

AR to get a potential 16s reload

SI you know already

MAA to ruin CV strikes

CE to surprise people and disengage easier

HA to get dank 68s damecon 

Vigilance you know already


Ps. Scharnhorst secondary isn't really worth investing in. Manual AA has much more value, since I also notice more CV lately.

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