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How good is Z-46 ?

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Hello Admirals,




I request the owners of german dd  Z-46 to share their exp. regarding this ship. I m planning to grind for Z-46 , so pl. tell me about its 'practical' strengths & weaknesses , especially regarding its shell arc & effective shell speed, cuz I already have a fletcher & I don't want to buy another 'Rainbow arc' ship (as ping on my side is sadly about 180ms ,so its really hard to secure hits with slow shells for me ). Also how good or bad its HE shell is ?








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Best German DD, play Z46 instead Z52 solo

USN DD like concealment 5.9KM

AP does ~3k at the right moment

Torpedo not exactly bad, atleast it is fast reload

Mobility not bad.


Weak smoke, ~70sec

no DFAA, DP gun wont squad wipe planes

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it's a torpedo boat that trades alpha, tube count for rate of fire,  decent stealth, and speed on its torpedoes. play like ijn dd, except you have to be cautious about gun usage. that's pretty much all there is to it.

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Only two replies ............:aqua::sceptic::(


They aren't a popular line, you won't find many people with them who can answer the question.


I've played my Z-46 for about 40 battles now, I do like it quite a bit actually.  I love the torps since my preference is for short reload with low damage over long reload and high damage.  The AA is quite good (for a DD) but really could use def AA. Hydro is quite useful in both defence and offense, but you really need to pick the right time to use it offensively.  The main weaknesses are that it isn't particularly maneuverable and obviously the gun bloom.  These things combined mean that if you get into a bad position you have a lot more trouble extracting yourself than if you were in a US DD.  The guns are good, flight time is not great but definitely better than US DD's.  When using the guns, you have to be very aware of when to use the AP - it does superb damage against all ship types, but only if you can hit a perfectly broadside target since the penetration is poor.  You really need to be actively switching shell types depending on target position.  Hitting a broadside DD with AP in the engine box (the middle part of the hull) does massive damage per salvo.


If you don't like the Fletcher much, I would say that you are unlikely to like the Z-46. The Fletcher is a superb ship, arguably the best DD in the game, and fills a similar role to the Z-46, although the Z-46 requires more caution to be successful, especially early game.


The infamous gun bloom nerf on KM DD release does affect it quite badly, it really does change how you can use the ship.  The main issue is when you are contesting caps, and you or the opposing DD smokes up and you retreat from your smoke.  If you both opened fire, your 13.2km gun bloom (full conceal spec) will mean you are likely to be spotted by the enemy BB's and cruisers, where often the enemy DD cannot be spotted by your team's BB's and cruisers given they'll probably have a sub-10km gun bloom.  This means that you often can find yourself in a situation where the enemy DD isn't spotted so you can't shoot it, but you are spotted so the entire enemy team on your flank can (and will) shoot at you.  This feels like a pretty harsh penalty for these ships. It means you really can't fulfill the same cap bully role as a US DD, and you can't use your hydro to it's full effectiveness.


To overcome this issue it's my preferred tactic to support friendly US or IJN DD's as they enter caps in early game, providing gun and torp support from just behind the friendly.  If I absolutely have to solo cap, I will enter in at an angle that makes it easy to get out, and ensure I make the most of any cover available while keeping my escape options open.  I am thoroughly prepared to give up the cap to survive since I know I can keep pushing it and that I become significantly more effective in the caps as the game progresses, providing I don't blow all my health on a poor trade early.


I am planning on selling the Z-46 for the Z-52 when I get it though.  Most T10 DD's are worse or on par to their T9 counterparts, but the Z-52 is a clear upgrade, given the much better hydro, significantly more effective AA, better torps and much better gun range for a slight concealment downgrade. 


The main thing I hope for with KM DD's is that the gun bloom is buffed, or other DD's are brought to the same amount of gun bloom and the game is balanced accordingly.  Right now it seems that KM DD's are balanced around a meta that doesn't exist yet.


I hope this helped a little, as I said earlier I overall like the ship and enjoy playing it, but I do think it's quite a niche DD, and in a class where you will often be rapidly punished for your mistakes, your KM DD doubles down on that, meaning consistently good play is required to avoid a quick return to port.

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